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Session 2-05 Deacon Ray Gans . End of Life Decisions – A Catholic Perspective

Session 2-08 Annapatrice Johnson, Too Young to Go Forth? Engaging Youth in Global Issues through Faith

Session 2-14 Anna Scally, Bring New Hope to Your Ministry – A New Approach to Getting, Keeping and Surviving Volunteers

Session 3-04 Sr. Maryann Cantlon, Making Disciples of All Nations

Session 3-08 Deacon Dick Folger, Welcome to Galilee

Session 3-09 Pam Perrino, Build a Bridge Between Research and Best Practice that Supports a Strong Foundation of Faith Development for Children Preschool through Third Grade

Session 4-10 Deacon David Ford and Lorie Ford, Grief in Schools and Parishes

Session 4-13 Bob McCarty, D.Min., “How to Talk with Young People about God!”

Session 5-03  Rev. Kenneth Boyack, CSP, The Sunday Eucharist: Transforming Parishioners into Joyful Missionary Disciples

Session 5-10 Fr.  Joe Kim, Vocations in the Church Today: Everybody’s Problem, Everybody’s Solution

Session 5-12 Fr. Sergio Ovando, The Presence of God as a Promise in the Gospel of Matthew

Session 5-13 Pam Perrino, The Time is Now! Early Investment in the Faith Formation Last a Life Time

Session 6-08 Bob McCarty, D.Min., Going, Going, Gone … The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics Saint Mary’s Press recently conducted extensive research with young Catholics who have left the Church.

Session 6-10 Alison Spong, Nurturing the Creative Catechist in You

Session 6-26 Father Cha Joseph Nguyễn Công Đoan, S.J., Đề tài thứ nhất. Thiên Chúa luôn ở cùng chúng ta.

Session 6-28 Sister Xiaoqiong Chen 對撒瑪利亞女人故事的反省 – 國語 (Mandarin)

Session 7-21 Fr. Sergio Ovando, La presencia de Dios como promesa en el Evangelio de Mateo.

Session 7-25 Feliciano Tapia, Viviendo como hijos de la luz: Fe y moral

Session 7-26 Cha Joseph Nguyễn Công Đoan, S.J., Đề tài thứ hai: Chìa khóa để đọc sách Tin Mừng

Session 7-28 Marinda Keng-fan Chan  Embodiment Spirituality – Inner Awareness Through Movement  身體靈修 - 從「身」入「心」

Session 8-03 Sister Nodelyn Abayan, SSS, I am Moving, Learning, Praising
– Sister Nodelyn Abayan, SSS

Session 8-06